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The Fillmore Auditorium is a historic music venue in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. It’s a fantastic place to watch your band in the heart of downtown Denver, surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and local attractions. The Fillmore auditorium stands proudly at 1510 Clarkson Street, Denver, Colorado and was built in 1905.

Millions of music fans have watched their favorite artists at the Fillmore Denver. It’s continually ranked among America’s most-attended music venues, hosting shows year-round. Fillmore auditorium has risen to be one of the most prominent forces in the Denver, Colorado music scene. Fillmore auditorium is often referred to as Fillmore Denver by people and it’s a concert site situated in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Denver, Colorado.

Its story began in the early 20th century as a roller skating rink. Later, it was transformed into a venue for special events - including musical performances. Since then, its long list of performances includes James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, and Cyndi Lauper, among many others. The auditorium’s hosted a number of concerts by big names such as Rise Against, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Umphrey’s McGee, Marilyn Manson, Nelly Furtado, Joss Stone, James Blunt, Erykah Badu and Five Iron Frenzy since 1999.

Recent renovations gave the Fillmore Denver a 3,900 capacity — making it Colorado’s largest indoor venue. There are also excellent acoustics throughout the general admission and seated areas. Many take the venue’s VIP upgrade option, reserving table seating or the premium balcony area. No matter which section you choose, the Fillmore Auditorium will provide an excellent night.

It’s that time once again to celebrate your favorite bands. And what better place to celebrate then at Colorado’s largest indoor General admission venue? Because right now, tickets are on sale for shows coming to Fillmore Auditorium in Denver. The venue has a full calendar scheduled with star-studded shows that you won’t want to miss. From concerts to tour dates to comedy shows, there’s plenty to enjoy coming to Denver’s most popular indoor stage. Our guide will show you everything you need to know about Fillmore Auditorium, including:

  • Fillmore Auditorium events: Find out about all upcoming events at Fillmore Auditorium and where to buy tickets.
  • Venue information: Everything you need to know before attending the Fillmore Denver and learn about its origins as a roller skating rink to its iconic status today.
  • Rules and policies at Fillmore Auditorium: Learn about the policies, rules, and regulations at the Fillmore Auditorium
  • Venue parking options: See premier parking, off-site lots, and public transportation options near the Fillmore Auditorium
  • Fillmore Auditorium seating chart: Everything you need to know about the Fillmore Auditorium's layout
  • FAQs: Answers to commonly asked questions about visiting the Fillmore Denver
  • Plan Your Trip: Explore top-rated hotel accommodations, learn about local landmarks and find varied range of cuisines all within walking distance of the venue

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