Gracie Abrams at Fillmore Auditorium

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Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

Gracie Abrams

Fresh from her amazing breakthrough after a supporting stint in Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Gracie Abrams is now THE new artist that everybody is talking about! Interscope’s new wunderkind, the indie pop phenom is making waves with hits like “Mess It Up,” “Feels Like,” and “I Miss You, I’m Sorry.” Now, she’s 2024’s hottest commodity with a forthcoming effort and a staggering run of shows to boot! Are you ready to discover this amazing songstress for yourself?! Well, she’s hitting 18 select cities, including a coveted stop in Denver, Colorado! Expect exhilarating performance of magnificent new titles as Abrams brings forth The Secret of Us Tour - an ode to her new album of the same name set to drop during the summer! The show on Sunday 15th September 2024 is guaranteed to be the season’s most rip-roaring banger, with fans all over the state scrambling for tickets! Lucky you, we got some easy access right here and it’s actually some of the best access in town! So hurry and click on the Get Tickets link now!

If you’re one of those fans freaking out over Gracie Abrams right now, well, we can’t say that we blame ya! This remarkably unique figure came out of nowhere and started dropping smashers in 2020. But in fact, the Los Angeles born performer has been around since 2018 but she started blowing up after belting out viral hit singles, “I Miss You, I’m Sorry” and “21.”

She’s not your typical nepo baby, being the daughter of a world renowned filmmaker and all. For starters, she backs up her fantastic opportunities with immense talent – one that is so amazing that her short stints opening for Oliva Rodridgo and Taylor Swift had music fanatics googling her while she’s performing on stage. Everybody now wants to know her. And thankfully, her brand new outing is just the perfect moment for fans to get a taste of what Abrams is all about. Dropping her sophomore effort, The Secret of Us, this summer, Abrams will be serving new staples, a thrilling follow up to remarkable viral hits.

This new work is a follow up of her highly successful 2023 album, Good Riddance, which soared through the charts in the U.S. and other territories. Meanwhile, The Secret of Us is also expected to do well, given her lead single “Risk,” is currently making waves on the charts. Meanwhile, her newly dropped banger “Close To You” is going viral everywhere. Moreover, upon opening ticket sales for her 2024 outing, there were reports that sites have crashed during pre sale due to the influx of fans scrambling for tickets.

Indeed, she’s 2024’s fastest rising wunderkind and she’s bound to do great things with her upcoming album. But more importantly, as she traverses across 18 cities, it’s imperative that you secure your access a.s.a.p. For starters, her gig at the Fillmore Auditorium is bound to be fully packed – expect a compelling showdown as Abrams demonstrates why she’s currently one of the most talked about artists among the gen z crowd! But of course, fantastic music like this has no age limit - older listeners are also raving about her!

So don’t miss out, score tickets as early as now! Click on the Get Tickets link!

Gracie Abrams at Fillmore Auditorium

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