Hatebreed’s 30th Anniversary Tour at Fillmore Auditorium

Hatebreed's 30th Anniversary Tour Tickets

Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

Hatebreed's 30th Anniversary Tour

Grammy-nominated metalcore titans Hatebreed are coming to Fillmore Auditorium on 23 October 2024, with their 30th anniversary North American headlining tour!

Hatebreed is a heavy metal hardcore factory, and is going bigger and harder than ever! With their bone-rattling riffs, thunderous beats, fierce vocals, and adrenaline-fueled chaos, they have cemented themselves in the metal scene as one of the most impactful and enduring bands of the modern era, rising from playing in basements and backyards to a featured, headlining, and must-see metal act. It’s a raging sea of head banging, a circle pit that doesn’t stop circling, breakdowns that never let up, energy that never drops – it’s Hatebreed that is absolutely destroying when they’re playing live!

Pull in, Denver, and drink up every thrashy, screamy, brutal minute of the greatest concert you’ve ever experienced. Tickets are going from only $38, so they are guaranteed to fly, just like crowdsurfing bodies at the hottest metal concert of the year. Hit that button right now and get yours!

We absolutely love the crushing riffs, thunderous drums, insane mosh pits, off-the-charts intensity, palpable energy, the endless sea of fists and horns in the air and atmosphere of pure metal madness at metal concerts, and we are screaming like banshees about the news of American juggernauts of metalcore Hatebreed’s 30th anniversary tour making a stop in Denver!

Grammy-nominated Hatebreed dropped their debut album, “Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire”, in 1997, gaining them an immediate cult following, a testament to the power of music to unite and ignite. Their unique fusion of hardcore, heavy metal, punk, and thrash resulted in the birth of metalcore, filling a specific niche that not many other bands occupy. It’s all shredding riffs, breakdowns, heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics, a commanding stage presence, and pure musical power: from “I Will Be Heard” and “Destroy Everything” to “Looking Down the Barrel of Today” and “In Ashes They Shall Reap”.

It is undeniable: Hatebreed is going down in history as one of the most iconic, relevant bands of their time.

Hatebreed will be playing alongside English extreme metal band Carcass, hardcore punk band Harm’s Way, and Brazilian death metal band Crypta on their 30th anniversary tour.

Carcass, pioneers of the grindcore and melodic death metal genres, produced various acclaimed albums. Their breakthrough album, “Heartwork”, is considered a mid-period masterpiece as well as a landmark album in the melodic death metal genre, with bangers such as “Heartwork” and “Buried Dreams”.

Harm’s Way is known for their unique blend of metal, industrial, and hardcore music. Their acclaimed Metal Blade Records debut, “Posthuman”, has been named 2018’s best metal and hardcore album by Revolver.

Crypta is unrelenting in the best way. After releasing their acclaimed debut album, “Echoes of the Soul”, in 2021, with smasher singles such as “From the Ashes” and “Starvation”, they became a must-have for any metal lover’s album collection.

What better place to celebrate the legacy and unwavering spirit of the metal community than the 3,900-seat Fillmore Auditorium? Whether you choose the VIP lounge, box seats, rear mezzanine, or general admission floor, you’re bound to keep your head banging, horns flashing, and adrenalin pumping at the biggest metal celebration of the year.

Hatebreed's 30th Anniversary Tour at Fillmore Auditorium

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