Juvenile & The 400 Degreez Band at Fillmore Auditorium

Juvenile & The 400 Degreez Band Tickets

Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

Juvenile & The 400 Degreez Band

Hailing from New Orleans, one of the industry’s hottest rappers out there — JUVENILE is celebrating 25 years of his iconic hit “Back That Azz Up”. The song, featuring Mannie Fresh and Lil Wayne marks his first entry on the Billboard Hot 100, hitting the top 20. From then on, the man became a prominent name in the rap scene. Two-and-a-half decades since its massive release, New Orleans even declared June 11th of 2024 to be “Back That Azz Up Day”. Kicking off the tour this July, shows will run through the end of December as the man performs a grand finale in his hometown on New Year’s Eve.

Beyond excited to celebrate 25 years of the hard-hitting track, JUVENILE and the 400 DEGREEZ BAND’s BACK THAT AZZ UP 25th ANNIVERSARY TOUR is coming to you live at Fillmore Auditorium on Thursday, 10th October. Celebrating a song that shaped his journey in music, he’s amazed to see how millions of people resonate with “Back That Azz Up” to this day. You’re one of the reasons he’s made it this far.

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June 11th is the day to ‘back that azz up! This year, American rapper hailing from New Orleans, Juvenile, is celebrating 25 years since the release of his iconic banger “Back That Azz Up”. The track was part of his third studio LP “400 Degreez”, marking his prominent rise in the rap scene. The single marked his first entry in the Billboard Hot 100, scoring a Gold certification from the RIAA. The track, featuring Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh continued to become an iconic hit, celebrated by fans and rap aficionados to this day.

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, JUVENILE and the 400 DEGREEZ BAND’s BACK THAT AZZ UP 25th ANNIVERSARY TOUR is hitting the road. “I am beyond excited to celebrate 25 years of ‘Back That Azz Up’ with my fans,” the rapper shared in an official release. “This song has been a huge part of my musical journey, and it’s amazing to see it still resonate with people today and I can’t wait for the moment each night of the tour when the song drops.”

On tour, he’s set to perform his classic and greatest hits as the crowd cheers on and gets wild as the iconic song drops. Kicking off and wrapping up the tour in his hometown in New Orleans, the city even named June 11th of 2024 as “Back That Azz Up Day”. Mayor LaToya Cantrell put out a proclamation to celebrate “the 25th anniversary of the music video, and urge all citizens to join the celebration of this monumental achievement and the artists who have made a lasting impact on our city's musical legacy,” as cited from Gambit.

Hitting major cities across the U.S. with a few stops in Canada from July through December, it’s non-stop nights of backing that azz up to the beat!

Originally released on June 11, 1999, the track became one of the defining tracks of the late 90s hip-hop scene. Produced by Mannie Fresh, it shared infectious beats, the man’s catchy hooks, and iconic lyrics that resonate with fans to this day. To this day, the track continues to shake up clubs as the DJ plays the track.

In 2021, Rolling Stone listed the track in its “500 Best Songs of All Time”, sharing how “Juvenile freestyled his best shit-talking bounce rhymes, and Lil Wayne shut it down with a “drop it like it’s hot” hook.” We sure can’t get enough of this timeless banger! Moreover, in 2023, Juvenile performed a set on NPR’s Tiny Desk with The 400 Degreez Band. Performing his greatest hits in an intimate crowd, he shared how he loved performing with a band, and a press release shared how fans will likely never witness a Juvenile show without a live band again.

We sure are thrilled to witness Juvenile and The 400 Degreez Band’s performances in its full glory. Taking over the big stage, it’s bound to be a legendary night of his big hits and the iconic track.

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Juvenile & The 400 Degreez Band at Fillmore Auditorium

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