Laszewo at Fillmore Auditorium

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Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado


There’s plenty of reasons to hit the town and drench it in crimson red because this roaring bonanza featuring California-born trio Laszewo is about to conquer the city with masterful smashers! Get this – their one of the most underrated but brilliant electronic pop acts to ever come out in recent years but this 2024, they’re set to bring in thousands of ravers into their monumental gigs! This fall, Laszewo is slated to hit 16 major cities for the Live in Color Tour, including a coveted stop in Denver, Colorado! Catch this unprecedented trio as they serve superb vocal and exhilarating pop and EDM staples at the Fillmore Auditorium! The show on Saturday 9th November 2024 is guaranteed to be the most explosive rager of the season as Laszewo comes bearing titles like “Little Planets,” “Up In Flames,” “F*ck Your Sunshine,” and plenty more! Hurry and secure your passes now by hitting that Get Tickets link now!

Just who is Laszewo and why are they a big deal?! This trio is on the verge of a phenomenal breakthrough this 2024! Selling out shows left and right is just the start of a new, fantastic development for these Santa Barbara natives! Serving EDM infused with anthemic lyric pop tunes, Laszewo is definitely going viral! Now, they have been around for a few years – their 2018 hit “Up In Flames,” continues to be their most streamed track. In 2019, EDM Matters featured this terrific trio in a sensational web episode. It took a few years, but now Laszewo is breaking out like a wildfire this year now that listeners have stopped sleeping on them!

This year brings much to celebrate for both Laszewo and their fans as the band embarks on a major outing. See these terrific performers up close as they conquer numerous major venues. Performing in mostly intimate joints like the Fillmore Auditorium, Laszewo is guaranteed to bring a hefty setlist packed with iconic hits. Fans can look forward to viral tracks, such as “Little Planets,” “Colorado,” “F*ck Your Sunshine,” and tons more. The band has also recently belted out a rip-roaring new smasher, “I Wanna Live.”

Now, getting to catch Laszewo this fall is guaranteed to put you in high spirits. The trio’s music has been revered for its addictively happy beats and feel-good atmosphere. They’re also quite known for belting out chilled dance beats. In a world where up and coming phenoms are discovered every day through music streaming platforms, Laszewo is definitely the next big thing. The trio is currently clocking in approximately 50 million streams in Spotify alone and that number continues to rise. But now that the group is on the verge of serving their highly anticipated trek, they're definitely going to be one of the fastest rising stars in the EDM circuit!

So don’t wait until they blow up before you catch them! The time is now to experience the thrilling live set of Laszewo! Be sure to secure your access early because tickets to see this remarkable trio are moving at lightning speed! So click on the Get Tickets link already!

Laszewo at Fillmore Auditorium

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