Lorna Shore at Fillmore Auditorium

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Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

Lorna Shore

Calling all death metal heads in Denver! Something ultra cool is coming along this fall and it’s slated to be a neck breaking worthy bonanza! Deathcore titans Lorna Shore is bringing the latest album to light – it’s a trailblazing body of work that deserves to be performed in its entirety! So that’s exactly what Lorna Shore is doing, they’re serving Pain Remains from start to finish and they’re bringing this to over 30 territories, including Denver on Friday 18th October 2024! This is your opportunity to join Lorna Shore tearing it up at the Fillmore Auditorium! As if this show isn’t raging enough, the band will also be bringing along fellow deathcore phenoms Whitechapel, Kublai Khan TX, and Sanguisugabogg along for the ride! So if you’re looking to let loose and join an epic debauchery, this is definitely the time! Secure your access by clicking on the Get Tickets link now before it’s too late!

These are the new faces of deathcore! They’re also regarded as the fastest rising phenoms in the heavy metal circuit. They also tore up the stage in Lollapalooz – dropping jaws of audiences who somewhat expected a radio friendly band on stage. But these dudes from New Jersey are hardly new comers. They’re been serving smashing bangers since 2010 until Century Media signed them in 2020. Now, they’re tearing it up across the country with their groundbreaking album and lots of attitude!

Their latest effort Pain Remains is getting the treatment it deserves. Lorna Shore will be performing the album track per track from front to back. This Tiktok blackened death metal viral hit takes centerstage – from ‘Welcome Back O’ Sleeping Dreamer,” all the way to “Pain Remains III: In a Sea of Fire.” As if this kick assery is not enough, Lorna Shore will also be performing a few smashing staples from their earlier releases.

Lorna Shore is bringing along equally mighty deathcore phenoms, Whitechapel. This Tennessee born quintet will be serving their vast catalog, a collection of face melting, heart pumping tunes that will surely have fans going into a frenzy. The band is responsible for uber cool staples like “The Saw is the Law,” “Hickory Creek,” and “When a Demon Defiles a Witch.”

Kublai Khan TX also has a lot to say and they will do so by belting out their magnificent smashers, including viral hits “Antpile,” “Theory of Mind,” “Self-Destruct,” and “The Hammer.” Over a decade into their career, the band is making a mark and fans are all raving on Kublai Khan TX’s enormous energy.

Lastly, the newcomer from the bunch Sanguisugabogg is promoting their new record Homicidal Ecstacy. These new phenoms under Century Media are tearing up anew, belting out death metal bangers, such as “Dead as Shit,” “Face Ripped Off,” and “Pissed.”

Now these titles will surely have you joining massive circle pits and charging at fellow audiences in raging walls of death. Sounds totally fun! Don’t miss out on Lorna Shore’s Pain Remains Tour by securing your passes now before it’s too late!

Lorna Shore at Fillmore Auditorium

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