Midnight Tyrannosaurus at Fillmore Auditorium

Midnight Tyrannosaurus Tickets

Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

Midnight Tyrannosaurus

Tremble in anticipation, fear, and excitement as Midnight Tyrannosaurus claws his way into the Fillmore Auditorium this Saturday, March 16, for a Saturday night of pure EDM madness! With special guests Aweminus, Sisto, CONCENTRATES, STAYNS, Fayte, and Chibs, history’s most ferocious dubstep dino will extend the reaches of his sold-out 2023 North American tour in further support of his new high-streaming EP, The Gauntlet. Brace for a flurry of biting bass drops and rhythmic goodness from hit singles, such as “Ballad of the Ravenous,” “Shade of Morswood,” and “The Cursed Boatman.” After sharpening his sonic style into a deadly point, Midnight Tyrannosaurus will unleash a mighty roar of steely synths and heavy dubstep beats that will shake you raw and leave you quaking in your shoes. But the havoc doesn’t stop there. Our headliner’s classic rave starters like “Styx,” “Headzipper,” and “Omnic Crisis,” will also enter the fray, completing the ultimate EDM experience of 2024. Book your reservations now!

We interrupt this program to bring you a breaking news bulletin. A bloodthirsty dubstep dinosaur is on the loose, and he’s making his way to the heart of North America to wreak untold destruction and mayhem with his mind-bending bass beats! Citizens beware because Midnight Tyrannosaurus is about to present “The Gauntlet - Damus Daemonium” this 16th of March LIVE at the Fillmore Auditorium, featuring a hungry pack of EDM demons.
He’s here to stay, and he’s here to destroy.

After the roaring success of 2023’s The Gauntlet tour, Floridian bass music producer Jason Figlioli, better feared as Midnight Tyrannosaurus, circles back with an extended show that’ll knock you dead with the synths of his latest EP. The album, which dropped last June 21, lists seven tracks showcasing a matured sound punctuated by the artist’s unmistakable cinematic slides, with lyrical worldbuilding that hooks without fail. Close your eyes, enter these realms, and let the music set you in motion.

But beyond that, Midnight T. will also unleash a number of razor-sharp hits underlined by screechy metallic growls from his earlier work, which may include his full-length Black Label XL 5 (2018) mix. Feel the earth tremble beneath your feet as the heavy dubstep rhythms and dark basslines of his singles, such as “Styx,” “Step Aside,” “Headzipper,” and “Omnic Crisis,” bounce off the walls and crash into the floor with bone-rattling power.

Trial of The Blood Moon (Intro)
Ballad of the Ravenous
Gluttonous Heretic
Festering Serpent
Shade of Morswood
The Blood Knight
The Cursed Boatman

“Going to see Midnight Tyrannosaurus is a lot like going on the most intense roller coaster at a theme park. You come out of it feeling like a million bucks and like you're about to puke all at the same time! In other words, he will tear you up in the most beautiful way known to mankind..”

Our main act will be joined by a six-man lineup of electronic dance tastemakers who are currently setting the scene with their decapitating bass and unique dubstep productions.

Aweminus (“Mr. Muscles,” “Party Starter”)
Sisto (“Situations,” “Yellow Sweater”)
CONCENTRATES (“Cat Piss,” “Sex Candy”)
Fayte (“Voicemail,” “Wonder”)
Chibs (“We Don’t Play,” “How We Roll”)

The City of Denver waits in anxious anticipation for the ground-rumbling arrival of Midnight Tyrannosaurus at its Fillmore Auditorium on March 16th, 2024. Famed for its unparalleled ambiance, this 3,900-capacity indoor concert venue guarantees an unadulterated Saturday night of EDM insanity elevated by cutting-edge sound systems and immersive light shows. Tickets are out and selling fast - click the link above to claim yours today!

Midnight Tyrannosaurus at Fillmore Auditorium

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