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Now, this is indeed 'too much of a good thing! Well, we ain't keeping this lowkey! NIKI is kicking off a new era of music with her upcoming album "BUZZ" out this August. She shared a new flirty and slick groove with her new single "Too Much Of A Good Thing", narrating a tale about a new crush. Following the album's grand release, she'll be heading back to the road for an extensive world tour. It's the 88rising artist's biggest tour yet - the BUZZ WORLD TOUR hitting major cities in North America, Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Part of the "Lowkey" singer's extensive trek is a stop at Filmore Auditorium on Sunday, September 29th. The tour will cross over to 2025 as she visits Asia. Buzz's North American leg will feature special guest singer-songwriter Allison Ponthier. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now.

Back for a new era with her upcoming album "BUZZ", NIKI is set to embark on her biggest tour yet. The 88rising artist is taking her best hits, fan favorites, and new anthems to the global stage. Visiting 41 nations on the extensive trek, she'll be hopping across major cities in North America, Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. She surely ain't keeping it lowkey! Singer-songwriter Allison Ponthier will be joining Niki as the tour's special guest.

A follow up to her critically acclaimed 2022 album "Nicole", the singer's third LP is said to be her most ambitious yet. Exploring new folk-rock sonic elements in the mix, she surely is growing as an artist. Sharing a slinky groove with flirty undertones in her new single "Too Much Of A Good Thing", fans couldn't get enough and are itching to hear the album in its entirety. We're all stoked to jump, shed a tear, bang our heads, and jive to Niki's new lyrical wonders.

"I went through an identity crisis. It took a lot of trial and error, and I just stumbled upon pieces of myself along the way," NIKI said, as cited from Bandwagon Asia. "I named it Buzz because it feels like I'm on the precipice of something about to happen,"

Rambling in her thoughts about a new crush, we all definitely relate to the singer's tunes that bring fond memories and relatable feelings to the center stage. Known for her nostalgic vibes in every track, every Niki song is a timeless bop, and it brings us back feeling like 'every summertime...

"“Too Much Of A Good Thing’ is this fun, tongue-in-cheek song about desire, imagination, and the playground of excitement and irreverence they create," NIKI said about the track. "It’s about that initial anticipation we all know and love where there’s a little extra pep in your step, which I feel translates even sonically, with that timeless, stroll-along-to-the-tempo groove you get when you are momentarily invincible."

In a previous interview with GRAMMY, Niki shares how she tends to feel "too much". Well, it's why her music hits hard. She shares during the making of her album "Nicole", she discovered her love for feeling things... "It makes me feel alive to be in touch with my emotions. The best way I know how to externalize all of it is through writing and music."

Don't worry Niki, we definitely love feeling all these emotions as you sing your heart out. Her best hits and crowd-favorite hits include "Say My Name", "Indigo", "Selene", "Lowkey", "High School in Jakarta", and "Every Summertime". Get ready to cry, bang your heads, and jump for joy as NIKI hits the stage for BUZZ.

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Niki at Fillmore Auditorium

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