Rise Against at Fillmore Auditorium

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Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

Rise Against

It’s a great time to be a punk rock fan! The titans of melodic punk, Rise Against, will be hitting over 40 cities and it’s slated to be the most supercharged mosh extravaganza of fall! Denver fans are looking at a rip-roaring era as the politically charged quartet tears it up at the Fillmore Auditorium! On Monday 14th October 2024, audiences are looking at a plentiful setlist as Rise Against dives deep into their extensive catalog! The band isn’t promoting a new effort, but they have nine outstanding efforts packed with astounding titles that fans will surely love to experience live! It’s anticipated to be fall’s most riveting run of punk rock spectacles! If you’re keen on catching Rise Against belting out many of their gargantuan hits like “Savior,” “Prayer of the Refuge,” “Satellite,” “Give It All,” and more, then you better hurry and secure passes now before you miss out!

Punk rock fans unite! The mighty punk purveyors, prolific activities, and badass straight edge movement are making their most awaited return. Although there is not really a new record in store, the band will dive into their incredible body of work. That means fans are looking at staples that haven’t been performed in a while – think way back into their early 2000s when Rise Against was still an independent phenom with great music and has got a lot to say. In addition to way, way back into their old catalog, long-time Rise Against fans will also be experiencing smashing titles from their career-launching efforts Siren Song of the Counter Culture and The Sufferer & The Witness. These albums gave birth to cult favorites, such as “Swing Life Away,” “Ready to Fall,” and “Prayer of the Refuge.”

If you’ve been to previous Rise Against shows, the songs from the older albums were painfully select. But this time, since the band is not highlighting any particular work, the selections are anticipated to be a generous mixture of new and old works. It’s pretty much a career highlighting moment and audiences will experience two decades worth of mosh worthy hits. Although there is no word yet on the exact details of the setlist, we just know that it’s guaranteed to be a kick ass ride through the evolution of one of the most celebrated punk groups in history.

Being one of the heavy hitters in the Mainstream rock chart, Rise Against will surely bring fans a riveting number of head bang worthy numbers, like “Savior,” “Satellite,” “The Violence,” and “Audience of One.” Besides the crowd favorites, expect a slew of newer staples like “Nowhere Generation,” “Talking to Ourselves,” and “Last Man Standing.”

Expect intense energy as Tim Mcilrath and co bring their brilliant works to life at the Fillmore. The show will not only belt twenty years worth of their works but also showcase why Rise Against has been one of the most sought-after punk rock acts across the globe. Hurry and secure passes now and be part of this terrific mix of Rise Against staples across their career! Click on the Get Tickets link now before it’s too late!

Rise Against at Fillmore Auditorium

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