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Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

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JUST IN: Say Anything have announced a massive 2024 tour in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their debut album, …IS A REAL BOY. If you remember the album, then you know the hit single “Alive With the Glory of Love,” which is a true pop-punk classic. The band is going coast to coast, including a stop in DENVER, COLORADO. And if you’re a fan from the area, there’s no way you can miss the celebration of this huge milestone! SAY ANYTHING will be live at the FILLMORE AUDITORIUM on Friday, the 14th of June, 2024. Get ready to sing and dance along to all of the band’s best hits! You’ll definitely have the time of your life at this concert. So, relive the 00s pop-punk era and catch Say Anything live in Denver. Tickets to see Say Anything are on sale right now - better get your hands on them before they sell out! Click ‘GET TICKETS’ to secure yours.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of their debut album,...Is a Real Boy, Say Anything has made big plans. They’ve just announced a scheduled 2024 tour. Fans are probably reeling with excitement right now. The album, which includes the single "Alive With the Glory of Love," is regarded as a pop-punk masterpiece from the 2000s.

The 20th-anniversary tour begins on April 27 in Dallas, Texas, and will take Say Anything across the United States. The band is stopping in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Chicago, Nashville, Seattle, and Los Angeles. The marathon will end on June 28 in Austin, Texas. Of course, the stop you’ve all been waiting for is in Denver, Colorado! And we’re very happy to say that they’re arriving in our very own Fillmore Auditorium. You better gear up for this because it’s all happening on Friday, the 14th of June, 2024.

Say Anything's bandleader Max Bemix declared in 2019 that the group was "retiring." However the song "Psyche!" was still released back in April. It was their first new song since releasing Oliver Appropriate in 2019. Needless to say, it took fans by surprise! Additionally, the group gave a few performances in 2023. They’re also dropping another album titled ‘Say Anything ...Is Committed’ very soon so stay tuned for that.

Max Bernis shared some things about the band’s newest single, “Carrie & Lowell & Cody (Pendent).” He said, “I wrote this song, and much of our forthcoming record, during a period of such searing trauma and loneliness that not having my parental BFF by my proverbial side felt like an affront even if my mom was just trying to deal with other issues that come with being a child-soul with grown-person decisions to make,” he continues. “Just like her bipolar pervert of a son. We in the SA camp figured serving y’all a spazzy, weird one after that last poppy jam would be fun, too, so here it is, with all the time changes and Sherri vocals you’ve come to expect.”

When they play their 20th anniversary tour, you can expect them to sing a lot of their older classics. However, a fan can hope they play songs from their new album too! Don't miss out on this and get your tickets today.

Say Anything at Fillmore Auditorium

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