Testament & Kreator at Fillmore Auditorium

Testament & Kreator Tickets

Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

Testament & Kreator

Get ready America! It’s the attack of the thrash titans! And it’s not your run of the mill city destroying type of rager! It’s heavy metal at its best with two royalties that pretty much has influenced entire generations of headbangers! Who are we talking about?! They’re none other than thrash legends Testament and Kreator! These two will join forces and serve fans a thrilling metal fix called the Thrash of the Titans! Traveling to over 30 territories this fall, these two powerhouses will make their way to Denver! You can bang your head til your neck breaks as Testament and Kreator, along with support act Possessed, conquers the Fillmore Auditorium! You are looking at the most banging thrash metal bonanza on Tuesday 22nd October 2024! It’ll be an epic way to spend your Tuesday evening! So, don’t wait long, hurry and hit that Get Tickets link now before you miss out!

If you are even a hint of a metal head, you’re probably all giddy with this piece of news! This momentous occasion is bringing two of the most epic and most kick ass thrash powerhouses together in one raging outing - you can’t get it any better than that! One of heavy metal’s Big 4 – Testament and Germany’s biggest thrash export, Kreator, will deliver fans the soul crushing, face melting Thrash of the Titans Tour! They serve over 30 shows, all targeting the most metal-centric cities in North America. And we all know that Denver definitely loves thrash - having their own thrash sub genre and all.

Now, fall season is looking pretty heated up as both Testament and Kreator belt out countless smashing titles. Testament’s hefty catalog will surely send audiences into a rabid frenzy as the legendary Chuck Billy, Eric Peterson, Alexi Skolnick and Steve Di Giorgio hit up the Fillmore with hell raising energy. The band has released some of the most iconic thrash singles, such as “Down for Life,” “D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate),” “Return to Serenity,” and countless more. The band first made waves in 1987 after dropping The Legacy. This incredible body of work has been cited by longtime fans as the band’s most deep rooted and brilliant record. Testament also broke ground with their 2008 work, Formation of Damnation.

Like Testament, Kreator has been active since the early ‘80s. The band is Germany’s answer to Megadeth but clearly Kreator has created their own legacy. During their early years, Kreator dropped some of the most iconic thrash metal gems, like Pleasure to Kill, Extreme Aggression, and Coma of Souls. These works all broke into the German charts, but it also earned a pretty hardcore international following. By 2005, with better distribution and power of the Internet, Kreator started making waves in the international charts, starting with their 11th studio effort, Enemy of God.

Catch these uber cool thrash titans as they circle the nation with Possessed! The Klash of the Titans is guaranteed to be the most adrenaline rushing, neck breaking spectacle you’ll ever see this fall! It’s time to secure passes now because who knows how long tickets will last on this one?! Click on the Get Tickets link now before you miss out!

Testament & Kreator at Fillmore Auditorium

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