The Descendents at Fillmore Auditorium

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Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

The Descendents

No one can play a 2-3 minute punk rock song with more vigor and talent than The Descendents. Be a part of their 2024 US Tour at the Fillmore Auditorium on September 27, 2024. The punk rock will never end during the night because two guest artists are joining the legends. Buzzcocks with their crisp melodies, biting lyrics and driving instrumentals and Grumpster with their rambunctious, mosh-ready and deadpan punk will bring their best for you. And when The Descendents come on the spotlight, expect fan favorite songs from their classic albums from 1978 to their legendary contemporaries in 2022. Known for their 2-3 minute songs, each bit of the show will be short, sweet, and full of intensity. Not only that, Fillmore Auditorium will put the elegant rock in this punk rock concert with incredible design space and top-notch visuals and audio. It’s not rock without you, so get in here punk and buy your tickets now!

The concert won’t be short, but it will definitely be sweet because The Descendents are dropping their bangers on The Fillmore Auditorium on September 27th. As part of their 2024 US Tour, guest artists Buzzcocks and Grumpster will be making the live experience even more special.

You’ll find every element of Descendent’s genre creating sound live and up close in the Fillmore Auditorium. Known for their short, choppy songs that feel like a small bomb waiting to explode with energy and force, you’ll find that their punk songs are nothing short of exhilarating.

Hyper-caffeinated surf-beats by Bill Stevenson, intrepid bass by Tony Lombardo, crunching attack from Frank Navetta, impassioned and infinitely relatable singing by Milo Auckerman, flawless beats from Doug Carrion, Ray Cooper, and Karl Alvarez are going to rock your punk-hungry ears.

They’re the legendary of the genre. Their classics like tracks in “Milo Goes to College and Everything Sucks,” is a testament of the band’s perseverance through the test of time. So don’t miss the chance to listen to the band who have inspired Blink-182, NOFX, Green Day, Rise Against, The All-American Rejects, The Offspring, to name a few.

Not only that, Buzzcocks will also be sharing the stage with the legends. Expect their crisp melodies, biting lyrics, Shelley’s and Steve Diggle’s driving guitars that will bring a huge wave of British punk rock over you. Get ready to sing along by listening to their classics from 1978 up to their most recent tracks, “Sonics in the Soul” from 2022.

The hype doesn’t end there because Grumpster is also bringing their music “for people who don’t want to be around anymore.” These Bay Area punks have just recently released their self-titled third album, which will make you relate fully as they sing about the ebbs and flows of mental health, depression, anxiety, love, and more. So get the chance to listen to their new songs, including “Wither,” live on stage.

The Fillmore Auditorium is hosting this punk-filled event for 3,600 audiences. Its 10,000 square feet of design space with a blend of rock and elegance will inject classic and cutting edge style for the concert.

So don’t wait up because tickets are selling out very soon! Punk rock has never been more incredible with Descendents, Buzzrock, and Grumpster all on one stage, so I hope we see you there!

The Descendents at Fillmore Auditorium

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