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Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado


Prepare to have your world turned upside-down on its axis as Wobbleland comes crashing into the Fillmore Auditorium this Saturday, February 3, 2024! Presented by Vital Events and Live Nation, the annual rave craze returns with a new all-star lineup featuring four of the most exciting EDM talents on the scene and four yet-to-be-unveiled guest acts! First in line with his edgy dubstep tunes is DJ Virtual Riot, a Billboard-charting artist best known for his Top 20 Dance/Electronic Album Chemistry. Next, we have PhaseOne, an Australian music producer who boasts several #1 metal-electronica hits, including “Crash & Burn” and "We Are The Free." Third comes OG Nixin, a SoCal-based dubstep DJ famous for his energetic West Coast beats such as “Shelter” and “Crank That.” And lastly, there’s Codd Dubz, the hip-hop slash EDM maestro who recorded high-octane tracks “Fool” and “Cholo.” Grab your tickets now!

Vital Events, in partnership with Live Nation Entertainment, presents yet another year of its laser-lit landmark festival. Move to the beat and bass as Wobbleland swings into orbit, featuring Virtual Riot, PhaseOne, OG Nixin, and Codd Dubz, with four yet-to-be-revealed acts on their way! Following its annual San Francisco opener, the event will commence Phase Two on Saturday, February 3rd, LIVE at the Fillmore Auditorium.

“Wobbleland is one of the best events in bass music. Awesome show. I was thoroughly impressed with how good the lineup was. The lighting was amazing, and honestly, I don’t think I could’ve asked for more. I am excited to see what we get next year!”

Taking the stage first is German DJ Christian Valentin Brunn, better known for his moniker, “Virtual Riot.” His body of work exhibits intricate flavors of dubstep, future bass, and electro-house, with a distinctive edge that keeps ravers on their toes. Some of his best records include his best-selling German Engineering EP and the Billboard Top 20 Dance/Electronic Album Chemistry.

Australian producer PhaseOne comes next in the lineup, bringing his signature “symphony of filth” where metal meets electronica. Kicking off to a running start with his chart-topping Matter Of Time and Touching The Stars EPs, he amassed millions of streams and several Beatport number-one singles. His ambitious TRANSCENDENCY album was released in 2019 to critical success, featuring hits such as “Crash & Burn” and “We Are The Free.”

Our third act, “West Coast Don” OG Nixin, is a Mexican dubstep DJ popular for his SoCal scene-influenced beat arrangements. Drawing inspiration from EDM maestros like Skrillex and hip-hop icons like Ice Cube, he sought to announce himself with high-energy hits such as “Crank That,” “Shelter,” and “SYMPHONY OF DEATH."

Finally, Long Islander Matt Coddington, AKA Codd Dubz, enters the fold to complete Wobbleland’s first four. Originally an NYC hip-hop artist, Dubz took off like a hurricane behind the mixer, commanding his exhilarating brand of EDM with fade-perfect accuracy. Some of his most-streamed tracks include “Cholo,” “Vitamin R,” “Fool,” and “Cut Throat.”

Feel the electrifying buzz in the atmosphere of the Fillmore Auditorium as it hosts the festival’s first foray into Denver, Colorado. With thrill and style at the forefront, this indoor music venue presents a 30,000 sq. ft space for 3,900 guests to rave on, immersively lit by its iconic chandeliers.

Tickets are selling out - buy yours now for the second phase of Wobbleland 2024 LIVE on Saturday, February 3rd, at the Fillmore Auditorium!

Wobbleland at Fillmore Auditorium

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