Yung Gravy at Fillmore Auditorium

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Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

Yung Gravy

When platinum selling rapper Yung Gravy promises an “all new country clappers” you better be coming! The humor lovin rap icon has been killing it lately with new releases and he’s ready to bare them all in a massive outing spread across summer and fall! Lucky fans in Denver will be part of this highly awaited run, the upcoming Grits and Gravy Tour! If you’re in for some excellent wild ride of trap and hip-hop, you better make sure you get yourself to the Fillmore Auditorium! On Friday 30th August 2024, this thrilling performer will showcase his country rap era as he belts out titles like newly released single, “Clementine,” as well as some “classics” like “C’est La Vie,” “Betty,” “Oops!” and “Welcome to Chilis.” Everybody wants to be in the country business now but Yung Gravy is doing so with unprecedented humor and great tunes! So better get yourself ready and join the Grits and Gravy Tour before you miss out!

Hop on to this Gravy Train, it’s about to get pretty steamy! The rap phenom is taking fans on a wild ride as he drops by over 30 cities for the Grits and Gravy run. This outing is anticipated to feature brilliant new material, plus some well-known titles that made Yung Gravy into such a Gen Z sensation. It’s a hip-hop trap and country rager that will put some of his major works centerstage. For starters, Yung Gravy went all busy last year with his Baby Gravy 3 album featuring his rap brother bbno$. The album was brilliant as they come and of course it spawned some fire titles like “You Need Jesus,” “Goodness Gracious,” and “Super Smash Bros.”

But more importantly, Gravy hops on the country trend this 2024 as he’s anticipated to drop a new album, which ironically is titled Serving Country (you better watch out Post Malone, you’re not the only one wearing cowboy hats this year). The Minneapolis born rapper already gave fans a peek with the hot new single, “Clementine.”

Yung Gravy fans are in for an excellent season as the “Gravy Train” star delivers numerous brand new staples. As mentioned in a statement, Gravy will be serving a combination of “all new country clappers and seasoned trap classics.” So, you’ll be square dancing to some country twang inspired numbers one minute and jamming to lit hip-hop trap tracks the next. Hell, it’s what you can expect from an immensely versatile artist – Yung Gravy had always been a lover for all types of sounds (isn’t that right Jesse McCartney?) Well, with a talent as immense as Gravy’s there is no question that whatever he dabbles into, it’s guaranteed to be a work of art.

So watch out you die hard Yung Gravy fanatics of Denver! People gonna be filling up that venue for this one. So if you do want to check out the Grits and Gravy show at the Fillmore Auditorium, you better be clicking on that Get Tickets button right now! This terrific country infused rap era waits for no one but lucky for you, we have great access to the show right here!

Yung Gravy at Fillmore Auditorium

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