the fillmore auditorium denver The Fillmore (aka Fillmore Denver) is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver, Co. Since its 1907 opening, the venue has forged a history of use for commercial concerts, cultural events, and numerous functions for both private and public audiences and events.

The Fillmore auditorium stands proudly at 1510 Clarkson Street, Denver, Colorado and was built in 1905 (completed by 1907). The auditorium has been known by names such as The Mammoth Roller Skating Rink (year 1907 to 1911), The Mammoth Garden Roller Club (year 1935 to 1962), The Mammoth Gardens (year 1969 to 1970 and again from 1981 to 1982), The Market (year 1976) and The Mammoth Events Center (year 1986 to 1988).


It was in the year 1907 that the Fillmore auditorium gates were opened for public and it has been renovated thrice ever since (in the year 1968, 1986 and then again in 1999). The place is owned by the Live Nation Entertainment and has a rather huge seating capacity- The Mammoth Gardens can hold a crowd of 4,500, The Mammoth Events Center has a capacity of 5,100 and The Fillmore Auditorium has a seating capacity of 3,700.

Fillmore auditorium is often referred to as Fillmore Denver by people and it’s a concert site situated in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Denver, Colorado. This auditorium in Denver, Colorado has hosted several public as well as private functions since it opened in 1907. The Fillmore auditorium holds the
biggest indoor venue title for general entrance seating in Denver, Colorado. The site also houses an office for a non-profit association called the Bill Graham Foundation, which gives music grants.

In the year 1999 (February), the site was purchased by Chuck Morris & Bill Graham to be named as The Fillmore Auditorium. At the time, there were numerous music venues in Denver, Colorado and this addition was met with controversy by the Denver, Colorado audience. Denver’s concert scene had mid-size sites like The Ogden Theater, Magness Arena, Paramount Theatre, Gothic Theatre and Music Hall @ LoDo that had already claimed fame.

Fillmore Denver

Inside Fillmore Auditorium

The Fillmore Auditorium is a lively and popular music venue with over 30,000 square feet of design space. It’s been renovated to have a state-of-the-art facility with room for up to 3,600 guests for most live music events. It’s often used as for rock concerts as well as elegant classic and cutting edge musical tour dates and showcases.

It currently holds the title as Colorado’s largest indoor venue for general admission seating. It’s also known for holding an exclusive dual Minors with Adults Liquor License in Colorado for a private venue; it allows minors and consumers over 21 to stand together, rather than having to be separated by their ages. It also earned a 2006 award for the “Best Place to Run into a Hippie turned Yuppie”.

Acoustics as well as staging at the venue was heavily refurbished in the year 1999 so as to fix the layout. On the 19th of May, 1999 the opening show was performed @ the Fillmore auditorium by the Trey Anastasio Band. Fillmore auditorium has risen to be one of the most prominent forces in the Denver, Colorado music scene. The auditorium’s hosted a number of concerts by big names such as Rise Against, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Umphrey’s McGee, Marilyn Manson, Nelly Furtado, Joss Stone, James Blunt, Erykah Badu and Five Iron Frenzy since 1999.

Auditorium History

In 1907, the venue first opened as the Mammoth Roller Skating Rink. It soon became a popular after-school hangout for nearby East High School until it closed in 1910. The building was then occupied by the Fritchle Automobile & Battery Company. During this time, the venue produced over 500 vehicles, the first of which was famously purchased by Titanic survivor Molly Brown. But the venue then closed in October 1917.

For years after the closing, the building remained empty. Until Irving Jacob purchased it. The building then became the city’s first recreational center offering ice skating, hockey, basketball, ice polo, and other sports.

Eventually, after several closing and openings and redesigns, the building became what it is today, the Fillmore Auditorium owned and operated by Live Nation.

What Is It Like at The Fillmore

Style and fun is at the forefront of the Fillmore Auditorium experience. From the moment you arrive you’ll be caught up in some of the most energetic and electrifying audience vibes in the country. Even when compared to other indoor live concert venues. There’s a certain thrill that you can feel from the crowd as they wait for their favorite bands and performers to take thestage and that energy always seems to charge the performers on stage. This leads to some of the explosive concerts to come to Colorado.

And it’s helpful that the bar has plenty of refreshments just waiting for guests. And with the unique liquor license the venue holds, you can order soda and juice for younger music lovers and enjoy your choice of spirits at the same space. This also means that the crowd and vibe tends to be accepting and fun-loving from moment to moment.

All this means that evenings with Fillmore Auditorium are sure to be limitless fun nights that you’ll never forget.

For a list of rules at the venue please see Fillmore Auditorium Rules