Bonobo at Fillmore Auditorium

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Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

Bonobo, or Simon Green as he is more commonly known, has reached the peak of his career as a successful music artist. Bonobo was signed to ‘Ninja Tunes’ in 2001 and released ‘Dial M For Monkey’ two years later. In 2010 Bonobo released his ‘Black Sands’ album which proved to be his most successful venture to date, cleverly incorporating and mixing drum and bass with electronics and many more. The album also saw Green experiment with Middle Eastern influences on his music. Worldwide, Black Sands sold over 150,000 copies and Bonobo has now toured the world with his band to delight and surprise various audiences.

Bonobo at Fillmore Auditorium
Simon Green AKA Bonobo














His live performances are globally popular, with tickets to see Bonobo at The Roundhouse and The Forum in London selling out incredibly quickly once the tickets were released. He also played a staggering 22 date tour in the United States which included live shows all the way from Ashville to New York. The incredible artist has over 301,000 likes on Facebook with well-known songs ‘Kiara’ and ‘Eyedsown’ having reach a hit status. Now, ready for 2013, Bonobo’s new album ‘The North Borders’ is set to stun the world once again featuring Erykah Badu, Grey Reverend (Cinematic Orchestra) and Cornelia (Portico Quartet). The album itself is an exciting, fresh continuation from his previous album and the fantastic collaborations only add to the addictive vibe. 2013 looks set to be one of Simon Green’s best years yet, with numerous upcoming international tour dates and many influential press and radio campaigns. Bonobo will be playing at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver on November 1st 2013, a must-see show for any Bonobo fan.

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