EOTO at Fillmore Auditorium

EOTO Tickets

Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

Are you ready to get into a dance marathon with throbbing beats and pulsating electronic rhythms?  EOTO will serve it to you sizzling on a hot plate!    This electronic band has been taking their jam on the road and spreading it far and wide.  EOTO will be performing live at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado, on the 8th of December 2012.  Lights and sounds will explode as the gates open at 7:00 pm.



Electronic music’s dynamic duo — EOTO are composed of band members Michael Travis and Jason Hann.  Both are drummers, and EOTO is their signature side project.  What sets them apart from other electronic music DJs?  EOTO does not utilize pre-recorded loops.  With all the layers of sounds that you hear on electronic music, they painstakingly perform all instruments live — drums, guitars, keyboards, and vocals are all recorded mixed, and sampled impromptu with no scripts.  Music blood flows out from every pulse, every rhythm, and every heartbeat.  The electric jam oozes out hot, fresh, and organic party music to a blood-thirsty crowd who go in a state of frenzy as they experience every drop of sound.

They have performed over 700 show in over 48 states, since they got together in 2006.  They also perform at Apple Stores to give demos on how they create music.   EOTO (pronounced as ‘EeOhToe’) means good sound, in Japanese.  They have released 3 studio albums, yet their live performances are best to be  experienced in your lifetime.


The free-wheeling party vibe EOTO’s music is definitely larger than life.  Release your pent-up energy on floor. Dance ’til you drop, but for sure, you’ll be shouting for more!  Buy your tickets now!


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