Gramatik at Fillmore Auditorium

Gramatik Tickets

Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

Are you game to let the beat drop? Are you ready to be teased and to flirt with soulful and chill trip-hop rhythms? Are you free to be entangled in a loop of great music? Experience these all in one place! The Fillmore Auditorium will open its doors to welcome Gramatik, world renowned DJ music meister. Gramtik will perform at The Fillmore Auditorium on November 17, 2012, Saturday, 7:30 pm. 


Gramatik is a self-made, do-it-yourself music man. At the young of 13, he was already tinkering with sounds and beats and was able to compose and produce his own. As a teener from Portoroz, Slovenia, he was able to unearth and optimize file sharing over the internet  — using it to his advantage in gaining a huge following.   The power of ‘word-of-mouse’ brought in clicks, downloads, shares, hype, that caused a chain reaction of tours and bookings, shows, that reached the interest of the US market.  Soon afterwards, Gramatik landed himself a booking agency and a record label deal under Pretty Lights Music.  Gramatik goes with the philosophy of ”freeing music by making music free”.

Gramatik’s music cannot be boxed nor pigeon-holed.  It has the natural tendency to break free from the reins of music genre.  The Huffington Post describes it as “…rhythms and arrangements that incorporate the best parts of countless genres – house, breakbeat, techno, electro, blues, jazz, soul, funk, drum ‘n’ bass – and tosses them together in a thoughtful blend that’s perhaps only rivaled by his label boss, Pretty Lights.”  

Free your mind, and the rest will follow…Follow the lead of great music, Gramatik will lead the way!  Book your tickets now!

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