PANTyRAID at Fillmore Auditorium


Filmore Auditorium Denver, Colorado | Denver, Colorado

If you’re looking for music so sexy that it makes you want to strip, then you’ve come to the right place!  PANTyRaid are masters of electronic and dance music. They can fill your sensibilities and seduce you all the way to check them out at the Fillmore Auditorium for some sensational audio fondling, and a mind blowing and ear-gasmic  night of dancing.  Be prepared to let your hair down on the 2nd of March 2013; and be there as the record and the mirror ball start spinning at 7:30 pm.




PANTyRaid is a team of two music producers — Josh Mayer aka Ooah of The Glitch Mob and Marty Folb aka Marty Party.   When they met at the West Coast in the United States of America in April of 2008, they clicked and immediately set off to work as music collaborators.  From their musical roots in the Westcoast, they created a unique concoction of deep sub bass with energies of trip hop, dub step, electro-crunk, and flavors of hip hop.  With their expertise in music production,  PantyRaid are known for their attention to detail.  They can whip up a variation of beats, by using a palette of instrumentation and audio tricks and techniques.  Their music is painstakingly produced that it really sounds sexy-good!



Are you ready to drop it like it’s hot?  Warning: Exposure to the music of PantyRaid induces such actions!  Just dance like no one’s watching and enjoy.  Make sure you get tickets real quick. Everything is piping hot!

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