Michal Menert at Fillmore Auditorium

Michal Menert Tickets

Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, Colorado

If you fancy a good dance and an unforgettable experience, get your ticket to electronic music producer Michal Menert’s next show for some seriously amazing beats. Now is your chance to witness another of his stellar performances live at Fillmore Auditorium. Michal’s productions are music gold and you won’t experience another set like it. The upcoming showcase is set to reach new limits, so make sure you’re there. 

Michal Menert
Michal Menert

Michal Menert is a celebrated electronic music producer and was also the first member of the Pretty Lights Music label. Michal was the founding member of group Pretty Lights and prides himself on the production of the group’s debut album ‘Taking up your precious time’. Michal’s amazing work is deeply rooted in the inspiration and experience he gained from his father while he was growing up. Michal’s unique, innovative way of composing music and playing live is unmissable. His music combines old school, vintage samples from Eastern Europe and the West with modern age sounds to add to the bold, hard hitting beats he is so well known for.

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